Website optimisation for vistors

Increase response with a visitor-friendly website

Motivate your website visitors!
Your website must motivate people to respond : there is no use in attracting visitors, unless you can be sure they will like what they find.

Download times

The 10-second rule : Surveys have found that visitors start to leave if a website home page hasn't downloaded in eight seconds, and by the ten second mark, they are quitting in droves!

Slow download times is easily the biggest complaint from Internet users.   And if this is a problem for visitors to your web site, then it's your problem too.   After all, would you ignore complaints from people who were kept waiting at your office?

Clear navigation

The second major complaint from visitors is that of getting lost!
Website navigation must be clear and intuitive, yet enable access to all areas of the site within three clicks.   If you don't have this, your visitors will leave in confusion, not to return.

Well written content

To be effective, a good website must have pages with content that is written clearly, positively, and concisely, and in a way that will encourage visitors to choose you as their supplier.   This needs specialised, web-specific copy writing skills to make your content work as it should.

Tune up your website : by encouraging people to stay on your website, to read what you say and respond to your messages, you will massively improve your effectiveness in attracting new business enquiries.

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