Website optimisation for search engines

Increase business with high search engine listing

The nature of optimisation work
The days when you could get a good search engine listing by adding key words into the Meta Tags of your website pages, and submitting on-line, have long gone.

Due to heavy abuse of their indexing rules, search engines need to constantly evolve very sophisticated algorithms to evaluate all web pages in their databases.

This means that even if your website is included in their databases, it will not have a good position in any worthwhile listings without optimisation.
And ethical techniques must be used to avoid penalties for "spamming" which can lose listings and destroy marketing campaigns.

In optimising your website, we need to change its appearance to search engines, while keeping it user-friendly and attractive to human visitors.

For professional, ethical optimisation of your website, there are three main areas to be considered:

On-page optimisation

While to be carried out properly, this is quite technical, it is actually the easiest to do.   It involves ensuring your keywords are placed properly in the document -- not merely within the content but in titles, headings and tags.   It needs to achieve the right density but also must read properly to human visitors.

Off-page optimisation

This relates to the structure of the website, and the relationships between files.   It ensures that pages can be easily and logically accessed and that naming conventions are consistent with optimisation.

Off-site optimisation

Of increasing importance is the relationship with other web sites, directories and engines in the form of links into the website.   But blind linking to anyone can be ineffective, and because this is also the latest target for "spammers" it is doubly important to ensure that this activity is set up and managed properly to ensure that results are productive and long-lasting.

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