Website optimisation : the process

How we improve the effectiveness of your web site

Jobs with overlapping tasks
Although the jobs of website optimisation for visitors and Search Engines are approached differently, they also share similarities.

Optimisation for visitors often focuses on reducing document and image sizes, along with page layout and focused content.
Search Engine optimisation is more concerned with the organisation of content.
But the major issues of website structure, navigation and focused copy writing are important to both.

This means that if you have one job carried out, it can often be cost-effective to have the other done at the same time.

Search Engine optimisation

The process starts with a thorough research of suitable key words and phrases before evaluating the precise needs for copy and website structure. Your website will probably be completely "taken apart" and reassembled to ensure that pages, links and naming conventions reflect the optimisation requirements. There may also be an external linking programme set up to achieve further weight in search engine rankings.

Visitor optimisation

The first step will be a general analysis of what needs to be done to your website from a visitor's point of view. This will often involve speeding up download times, but will also extend to copy used on the website, the appropriate use of calls to action and feedback forms, the definition of key areas of the website, and the effectiveness of the website in driving visitors to these key areas and getting them to respond.

Website navigation

A good navigation structure for your website will fulfil the needs of both visitors and search engines. This involves a combination of overall structural considerations, along with clear, controlled linking throughout. Additionally, your page content and layout can be redesigned to assist navigation, ensuring the website has clarity and ease of use as major features.

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