Website optimisation
Better visitor response and higher search engine listing
•  Obtain new customers
with good search engine positioning

•  Convert more visitors
through good copy and centent

•  Maximise visitor retention
with clear navigation

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Website optimisation maximises response from people and search engines



Balanced website optimisation

We are experts in optimising websites for search engines and humans!
Even though they expect to see different things from your website, you need both if your website is to be cost-effective.
We can ensure that your website has the right balance of content and style that brings new visitors through high search engine positioning -- and keeps them with attractive and effective design.
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Optimising your website

When marketing your company on the Internet, you need to consider how your web site works for two main kinds of visitor : search engine spiders and humans.
Search engine spiders read website content, store it on their databases, and index it according to their rules.
Your human visitors, however, look at and interact with your web site in a completely different way.

Search engine optimisation

Your website needs to be easily readable by search engine spiders.
These automated programmes do not see images or animations, and simply collect text-based information on the content and structure of your website in an orderly, logical manner, then leave.
We will optimise your website so it can be easily read and indexed by search engines for high search engine listings.

Website optimisation : visitors

Human visitors want information from your website, but work in their own way.
They move from page to page in any order, and can easily become lost or bored.
They rarely read all the content, preferring to "skim" and take in the main points.
They respond to graphics, but need to read content that addresses them directly.
They also provide your income !

Website optimisation for both

Good web site optimisation must cater for both search engine and human visitors.
Because they have such different needs, you need a company that understands what is involved in design, content and structure when optimising for both.
Please read what we have to say, and if you are interested, please contact us to discuss Activia's website optimisation services.
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