Website maintenance : Updates

Keep your website current

Maintain your website investment
If you have a progressive website strategy, you will keep customers coming back by constantly updating and refreshing content.

This can be accomplished simply as follows:

Website news or press release pages

You can publish news on a regular (say, monthly) or ad hoc basis.   The build-up of information soon creates an impressive and informative view of your company's progress.   Activia can assist in putting together the copy, as well as incorporating it into your web site.

Website special offers

You can run time-specific promotions, where different products or offers are featured on your website.   These can be the focus of additional marketing campaigns (eg telemarketing, email/fax shots or advertising) as well as ongoing Internet activity

Product updates and launches on your web site

New products and product updates can be published instantly on your website.   In this way, content will always be fresh, and give people a reason to come back to your web site

Activia can maintain your web site under a fixed contract, or with pre-agreed prices for ad-hoc work, and with agreed time scales for completion.
Whatever option you choose, you will benefit from a website that is interesting, varied and a vital asset in your set of marketing tools.

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