Website maintenance : reporting service

See how your website is performing

Information is your key to control
To make effective use of the Internet you should have full information on your website activity. In this way, you can see what is happening and make informed decisions.

Using market-leading software, we can analyse your web server logs to provide:

Total stats

Page views, visitors, unique visitors.   Also average visit duration, referrals by search engines, visits by spiders, and so on

Page/file stats

Popular pages, most downloaded files

Time breakdown

Visitors by date, day, time of day, weekday/weekend visits


Length of visit, pages viewed


Top websites, directories and search engines that send you traffic

Key words

Top search phrases and keywords used to find your website

Technical data

Top browsers and operating systems used by visitors

If you want key information delivered every month, we can agree on the content, and send you summary updates on Excel spreadsheet.

Alternatively, we can produce complete reports, with graphs and charts, of all your website traffic data on web pages for viewing by you on-line.

NOTE: if you are using our search engine optimisation service, or using us to run your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, we can produce a combined report that pulls out key data from web site activity, bidding expenditure and search engine listings to give a concise, direct and highly effective big picture view of your complete Internet activity.

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