Website maintenance: Repairs

We can fix most of your problems

Your website is your brand!
In the same way as your printed brochure, catalogue or any marketing material must show your best possible image, your website is your brand on the Internet.

If it is working poorly, you compromise your image, your brand ... and your sales.

Protect your website investment
You have invested money in your website, and you should ensure that your investment is not affected by deficiency or malfunction.

Website maintenance can avoid (or repair) the following:

  • Click on a website link and get an 'HTTP Error' page
  • Click on a website link and go to the wrong page
  • Text formatting on a page is wrong, inconsistent or missing
  • Load a website page and images are missing
  • Website pages take a ridiculously long time to download
  • Load a website page and get a pop-up 'Javascript Error' box
  • Click on a website link and nothing happens
  • Open the website in a different browser and get spurious errors
At Activia, we are code masters: we can get straight to the problem and fix it, quickly and cost-effectively ... and with your web site fully operational, you can be back on track with your Internet strategy.

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