Email forwarding service

Secure and reliable handling of all your email

Website enquiries and email
Email is probably the most useful means of communication you have.   Not only in contacting people direct, but in receiving enquiries direct from your website.

For our website clients, we can arrange forwarding of emails from your website address, in one of two ways:

1 - Dial-up link

For a monthly fee, plus call charges, you can dial in to the mail server and pick up your emails direct.

2 - Forwarding to an existing address

Many people have a "free" email address with their existing dial-up provider (eg FreeServe or BT). Your provider should agree to "relay" emails from your domain - usually a phone call to their support line is sufficient.

How much does it cost?

For web site clients only, of course : nothing - and we can route up to six email addresses to different locations, or all your emails to your own email client server, if you have one.

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