Domain Registration

More than just getting a name

Register your domain name
This isn't just about initial registration, but subsequent renewal when the license period (normally two years) expires.

The process can include :
  • Availability check - check whether the domain you require is available
  • Alternative domains - suggest alternative names or codes (eg .com,, .biz)
  • Same day registration - immediate registration once payment is received
  • Renewal management - notification of required renewal when it is due

Service and support

And, as clients of Activia, you have direct access to us for any support issues - not through an automated call system or "email only" service too common nowadays

How much does it cost?

For web site clients : very simple - 49 for a two-year license (that's 2.04 per month) for all domains, whether, .com, .net, etc.
For non-clients : sorry, can't help ...

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