A website re-design makes your web site work!

Kick out the old and make your website productive

Does your website earn you money?

Your website design must address:

Easy site navigation

Do visitors to your web site find it easy to move around -- without getting lost?

Fast loading web pages

Do your website pages, and the graphics they contain, load quickly -- within ten seconds?

Content is KING

Do your website pages contain the information that your visitors are looking for?

Website pages must sell

Does your website copy always answer the question that every visitor asks:
"What is in it for me?"

Websites need to be interactive

- Can visitors to your website interact, whether by forms, questionnaires, newsletters or downloads?

Search engine visibility

Is your website properly constructed, linked and optimised so it achieves the level of search engine positioning that will attract new visitors?

Brand reinforcement

Does your website design promote an Internet brand that is consistent with, and strengthens, your existing marketing message and style?

If your web site is failing in any of these areas, you should seriously consider just how much your existing website design is costing you.

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