Website design is more than pretty pages

Get a web site that really works for you

Your website design must include:
•  Attractive appearance
•  Strong corporate branding
•  Fast-loading pages
•  Clear navigation
•  Useful, informative content
•  Copy written for your visitors
•  Easily accessed feedback forms
•  Repeated calls to action

Website design involves many factors!

It's not just about producing attractive pages.
In fact, pure graphic design can get in the way of effective website design.
How many websites have you 'backed out of' because pages took too long to load, or because they lacked the information you wanted, or because 'clever' imagery made the site difficult to navigate?
Make sure your website is properly designed!

Your website must be designed with sales in mind!

Do you want your website to give you sales leads?
No matter what your business activity, or your motivation for having a web site, you must include sales lead generation as an objective!
In this way, you will have an ongoing source of new business leads.

Your website should help you cut your costs!

Simple examples of how your website can cut costs include:
Reduce support costs by including technical product data
Reduce printing costs by allowing brochure downloads in pdf format
Reduce customer service costs by publishing frequently asked questions
Reduce mailing costs with a website newsletter or new products page
. . . and so on : think of how you could transfer operations to your website.

Activia can help you bring this about

At Activia, we know that every client, every website, is different.
You will have your website designed from the ground up : our skills and experience in design, development, programming and marketing will give you a completely tailored solution that is focused on results.

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