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SHAPA : website design and web site optimisation

The organisation

The Solids Handling and Processing Association (SHAPA) was formed in 1981, and has become the UK's leading industry association.   It is a primary source of technical and legal information to its membership of around 100 companies, as well as providing a networking forum and access to wider markets through shows and exhibitions.
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Through its website, SHAPA also provides a valuable source of suppliers for companies who are looking for the products that SHAPA members provide.

The brief

The SHAPA committee decided to use the Internet as a primary means of promotion for itself and its members. The existing website did not attract many new visitors, nor did it motivate visitors to browse the site. Additionally, it needed a more active members' information service.
Activia gained the contract in the face of opposition from industry specialists because of our strength in technical issues and Internet Marketing.

The execution

Traffic building : a large list of high-volume key phrases was researched to ensure that when built and optimised, the website would attract a continual stream of "free" traffic from search engines.
Visitor conversion : in order to maximise the number of enquiries from visitors, an easy-to-use Product Finder section has been set up with member pages that link direct to member websites. In addition, visitors are encouraged to send information requests from forms on the website direct to SHAPA.
Banner advertising : bespoke server-side scripts have been written to rotate paid-for member banner adverts so that no members received preference. Each banner has a click-through to the member website.
Varied content : to add further interest to the site, many pages have images that change when revisiting -- or even refreshing -- the page.


Within two months of launch, fresh visitors were arriving at the site from the new search engine listings, and overall traffic and enquiries were up.
After three months, website traffic had trebled, with all the increase attributable to search engine referrals.
The best recommendation of all : as a direct result of our work on the SHAPA website, Activia has been awarded contracts for the websites of two of its members.

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