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Heritage Photos : website design and web site optimisation

The company

Heritage Photos has a large collection of authentic photographs of Scotland and the UK, taken in the 19th and early 20th Century.
They can also offer a repair service for damaged photos, slides and negatives.

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The brief

A website had been built for the company, which was unattractive and full of complex, faulty scripts.
Initially a project to fix the errors, the job became a full redesign and optimisation service.

The execution

Re-design : an antique look and feel was created to reinforce the 'heritage' nature of the product, using a theme of wood and dark green leather.
Website traffic : the website was optimised for a list of popular search terms, ensuring that people would visit the site even without any extra marketing.
Usability : a simple structure was used, with a "click image to enlarge" feature that kept pages compact and minimised download times.
Extra : we identified that the repair service, originally offered almost as an afterthought, had great potential for business from a wide range of sources, and singled it out for special attention.


The site attracted compliments from its launch, and top search engine listings were obtained for every key phrase that was targeted, resulting in continual traffic at no cost to the company.
The best recommendation of all : it was only after seeing how we worked and the level of dedication that we put in, that the decision was made to extend the project beyond the initial repair.

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