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Comm Links : website design

The company

Comm-Links has been in business since 1994, selling refurbished, high-quality Norstar telephone equipment to a wide range of business customers.
As part of a drive to increase sales, a web site was needed, developed by a partner that would produce a solution while communicating completely free of technical jargon.

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The brief

A full web site needed to be built from scratch, and although company information was to be provided, the main purpose of the site was to provide a means of showing all products and enabling people to buy them on-line.
The portfolio included a wide range of telephone handsets, headsets, accessories and system options.   However, the client did not want the expense of setting up and maintaining a database.

The execution

Because neither prices nor specifications were expected to change, it was possible to build the data and images into standard HTML/Javascript pages.
Speed of operation was of great concern to the client, so small images were displayed on each page, with the option to click on each image to enlarge it.
An "Add to Basket" button provided a link to a shopping cart, from standard product pages and tabular display of system options.   An option to choose colour options was also included for selected product categories.


The functionality of the site and the its flexibility and cost-effectiveness as a marketing tool has enabled the client to consider the Internet as a major arm of their promotional strategy.
Offline marketing is now able to direct potential clients to the web site, thereby reducing the need for extensive product catalogue printing.

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