Website Design

More of your website questions answered

Why not use the people who designed our company brochure?

While you must retain your existing branding,
the Web is not print - EVERYTHING CHANGES.
  • The way that images are designed
  • The RGB, web-safe colour palette
  • Completely different navigation
  • Technical requirements for compatibility
  • The engineering of fast download times
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Online website promotion
  • Requirements for copy writing
Would you use an English teacher to teach Maths?
We'd say don't even think about getting a specialist graphic design company to create your website!
After all, we don't want their job, and they shouldn't want ours!

How will people find out about our website?

There are many ways to promote your website.   Please read about our website promotion services for details of what we can do for you.

Can I get marketing advice with my website?

Absolutely.   We take it as our responsibility -- our mission -- to give you the best service possible, and our project specification can include definition of brand, target customers and objectives.

I like a website you have built for someone else
- can I have the same?

No.   We custom design every site, and the copyright ownership of these sites is handed over to the clients.   We also have a number of ongoing clients, where we would not work for a competitor.
However, see the next question ...

I want someone to copy a competitor's website. Can you do it?

We would never infringe anyone else's copyright, but we would be happy to take out the best elements from a site, add perhaps a few ideas of our (and your) own and produce a very much better article.

What support do I get when the website is designed and built?

Every website we build is guaranteed to work in Internet Explorer version 4-on, and even in Netscape version 4.   Free of charge, we'll change your phone number or address once a year, along with a reasonable number of staff contact details.   If we host your site, you get full management of your web space and (if required) domain name renewal and email forwarding.

Can you manage website updates and maintenance for me?

Absolutely : see our section on website maintenance for more details.

Yes, but ...

If you have any more questions, then please contact us about any aspect of your website design, search engine optimisation and promotion.

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