Search engine positioning
A high search engine listing gets visitors
•  Increased sales
by bringing a flow of new business prospects

•  Low marketing costs
as FREE listings have no usage costs

•  Persistent market prominence
with low maintenance costs

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High search engine positioning gives a constant flow of new visitors



Your key to free sales leads

High search engine positioning is the key for you to achieve a constant flow of new sales enquiries.
And because ongoing costs are very low, you will probably find that it is soon the most cost-effective route to market you have available.
If you want an edge in the market, you should consider search engine positioning very seriously.
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Search engine importance

93% of Internet users use search engines to find information.
85% of new visitors to websites are the product of search engine referrals.
And since every person who uses a search engine is looking for specific goods, services or data, they make up a massive market of active potential clients.
Important? We'd say so.

Search engine positioning

Search engine positioning is the process of getting top listings for your website in the major search engines.
After launch, results are analysed and the site adjusted on an ongoing basis to improve rankings and drive traffic higher.
Your concern must be to get the job done properly, so that genuine results are achieved and costs are kept under control.

Optimisation and positioning

Gaining -- and maintaining -- high search engine positioning is a specialised job.
The process includes key phrase research
(to ensure traffic is significant and targeted), optimisation of the website to be "search engine friendly" (without adversely affecting its visual appeal), and construction and management of linking and submission programmes.
- all of which we do for you.

Ethical optimisation

You will find cheap solutions that use techniques like hidden text, link farming, multi-level marketing and 'spamming' search engines with repeated submissions.
Even if you don't get penalised by the search engines, you will one day be overtaken by competitors who do the job properly.
Activia uses 100% ethical web site optimisation policies, so your listings are stable with no nasty surprises in store.
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