Why search engine optimisation?

How web sites attract more customers

Cost-effective market prominence
There is no doubt that, as a cost-effective means of gaining exposure to new customers, search engine listing can give exceptional results.

Search engines are used by people looking for information on products and, of course, for suppliers of those products -- isn't that clearly the hottest source of leads you will find?

There are ways you can be featured in a search engine listing : banner adverts, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and in the *free* raw listings.

The raw listings (the 'true' results) represent the only means of mass advertising with no circulation or usage costs that you have probably ever encountered.   But to feature in them, your website must be optimised so that the search engines can index it properly.

The only cost is the initial optimisation of the site, and a small maintenance fee for as long as you wish

To help you make your decision, consider the following :

What is the average value of a new customer?

Not in their initial order, but their total business with you in the future - in other words, don't forget their repeat business ... and their referrals

Why not cut back another marketing activity?

Funds can be obtained by reducing unproductive activities. This can be with smaller mailshots, especially to your lapsed customers.   Or perhaps less telemarketing, where obstacles like voicemail make much of the day wasteful

What about the customers you can't find?

Typically small/medium businesses, or personal users, but in fact anyone with a specific requirement. These are the kind of people only reachable in the past by mass advertising, whether in the specialist press or directories like Yellow Pages ... but always paid-for, and expensive

How can you be in the right place at the right time?

Companies periodically seek to change or alternate their preferred supplier, whether through poor service or changes in policy.   If you rely on mailshots or the telephone, you need to hit them at precisely the right time, whereas a search engine listing puts you in the simplest, most accessible place for them to reach.

Now, isn't your business worth the investment?

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