Search engine positioning : Fallacy

What search engine optimisation is NOT about

Common beliefs that lead to failure
There's a lot of false information out there!
Have you heard of the following?

FALLACY 1 : Meta Tags

Select your keywords, place them into your Meta Tags, and the search engines will find you.
[Most search engines now ignore Meta Tags]

FALLACY 2 : 'Doorway' pages

Setting up an external 'doorway' page for each keyword will drive traffic to your website.
[Doorway pages are penalised when located]

FALLACY 3 : Submit to search engines

Employ an agency who will submit to thousands of search engines for you, and you'll be listed.
[Major search engines ignore mass software-driven submissions]

FALLACY 4 : Search engine optimisation is easy

Search engine optimisation is simply a matter of 'tweaking' a few pages on your website.
[With the level of competition out there, this could never be true]

FALLACY 5 : Fool the search engines

Special techniques, like hidden text and links to special "search engine pages" will fool a search engine into boosting your positioning.
[Results, if any, are temporary and result in penalties and lost rankings.]

FALLACY 6 : Link Farms

Your rankings can be boosted by joining on-line communities of websites that all link to each other.
[Many are classified as 'bad neighbourhoods' and attract penalties.]

FALLACY 6 : Cloaking

You can fool search engines by "cloaking" -- that is, serving up different pages to search engines than human visitors.
[This technique, when detected, attracts the harshest penalties of all.]

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