Search engine positioning : Fact

What it really takes to improve rankings

Search engine success is a specialist job
There is one fact to consider if you want durable results:

FACT : there are no durable short cuts

The policies on the previous page will often have little effect, except that most will, in time, lead to your website being penalised by the search engines ... quite often, for good.

Penalised for good?   Just try emailing a search engine with a complaint!   They receive so many of these, they generally do not respond to individual cases.

Effective search engine positioning involves the following :

Key word selection

Careful research to ensure key words and phrases are selected to give you the biggest return by attracting a high number of searches

Competition assessment

Not just of your traditional competitors, but also those who have successful websites and may have ideas that can be used

Relevant content

Construction of content that reinforces your chosen keywords on specific pages and generally throughout the site

Clear navigation

Ensuring that the internal navigation of your website is suitable for search engines, and building extra links or pages if required

Page structure

Making sure that all your website pages, and the elements within them, are consistent with the way that search engines read and index documents

External links to other websites

Attracting inbound links from other related sites to reinforce your keywords and the visibility of your website on the Internet

Submission to search engines, directories and databases

Selective submission of your website to the main search engines, directories and databases to ensure it is listed where necessary

Search engine positioning reports

Monthly reports, measuring the progress of your website rankings in the search engines.   This can also include inspection of your web server logs and further competitor analysis to find more search terms which can be used to drive traffic to your website

Maintenance of search engine optimisation

Constant review and modification of the above in response to evolving search engine rules, competitor activity, and development of your business, to keep your website positioning high

While this process is best conducted during the initial design of a new website, it can be applied with great effectiveness to existing sites.

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