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Effective Internet marketing for your website

Don't forget off-line website promotion
It is essential that you consider your website as part of your overall marketing, and bring it into your business in several simple ways:
  • Keep your website address highly visible : on your letter heads, business cards and in all advertising and promotion.
  • Educate staff to know why the web site is there, and what it does for the business.
  • Verbally direct people to the site, especially those looking for information.
  • Mention it in conversation, whether with customers, suppliers or your peers.
Activia can assist you in getting the maximum marketing advantage with a number of options for your website promotion:

Search engine positioning

Covered at length elsewhere on our website, this is undoubtedly, in the long term, the most cost-effective way to achieve exposure to targeted customers for your core range of services : website visitors arrive, at no incremental cost, from areas you are unlikely to target, and involve you in no expense until their enquiry arrives through telephone or email.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

We can manage low-cost, highly targeted campaigns at pre-agreed budget levels, that are guaranteed to bring traffic to your web site.   Your spend can be as low as 100 per month, and minimum contracts start at just six months.

Banner/directory advertising

Great care needs to be exercised here, but there are still some worthwhile options available to many businesses.   Activia can help with advice, research and placement of your advertising.

Email marketing

Providing you stick to some very basic guidelines, you will not be guilty of so-called 'spam'.   Of more importance, if you have a viable message and a website to communicate it, you could see some very worthwhile results.

Fax broadcasting

Again, often a very worthwhile activity, which should focus on the website as a primary target.   Although this does not give the immediacy of email, it often leaves a more durable message.   Activia can help with set-up, design and execution of fax campaigns.

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