Website promotion

Using your website to enhance your business

Move ahead of your competition
Over one-third of small to medium sized businesses do not use email as a main form of communication, and almost 75% do not have an effective Web presence.

And of those companies who have active websites, very few are truly Internet-aware.
Through effective website promotion, you will automatically rise through the ranks within your market.

Activia can help you to maximise your edge over the competition, and, should you wish, in creating ideas and opportunities to:

Increase sales

• Up-to-the-minute sales information is available at all times
• Special offers and new products can be promoted at minimal cost
• New routes to market, and new customers, can be accessed

Reduce costs

• The overheads and incremental usage costs of a website are negligible
• Conventional printing can be significantly reduced
• Customer information and support functions can be automated
• Marketing costs can be reduced as new methods are adopted

Improve service

• Automated, software functions are totally consistent
• Updates are automatic - and eliminate 'old' information
• On-line information is accessible everywhere, at all times
• A website can be used by staff, as well as customers, for information

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