Website promotion services

Search engine listing and internet marketing

•  Higher sales
as you receive a flow of new enquiries

•  Flexible campaigns
using targeted means of website promotion

•  Low costs
as we select the right media for your needs

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Search engine listing and promotion delivers sales leads from your website



Internet marketing

Marketing on the Internet is, like all marketing, about using information to select the strategy that produces the greatest return for your available budget.
Too many businesses operate with a total lack of information, making their website activity completely hit and miss.
Activia can provide you with information, analysis, strategy and implementation to maximise your website's profitability.
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Your website business strategy

Activia can assist you with integration of your web site activity into your overall business strategy.
You must define and build your on-line brand, then set objectives that assist your overall business, and you should continue to monitor performance to ensure maximum effectiveness.
At all stages, Activia can help, providing the level of involvement that you require.

Search engine listing

Search engines provide the most active and cost-effective method of generating a continual flow of new business enquiries.
A search engine listing displays websites that are ranked according to relevance for the key words used by the visitor.
If a website is optimised for this search process, it will feature highly on the results and be seen by all people who are searching on those key words, free of charge.

Pay per click (PPC)

Another excellent form of website promotion is pay per click (PPC) marketing.
In PPC, you place an advert next to a listing, and are charged every time someone clicks through to your website from the advert.
PPC is fast, flexible and controllable, and if you use Activia to manage it for you, we will write your adverts, manage bids and keep within your pre-set monthly budget, to deliver guaranteed traffic to your website.

Adding a new dimension

If set up and operated properly, your website can add a new dimension to your business.
It can be a major force in:
• Generating sales leads
• Reducing costs and improving service
• Supporting your existing activities
• Reinforcing your existing brand and image
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